Start-Up 101

This self-paced instructor led program will give you all the tools you need to get your company off the ground.

Start-Up 101 will teach you basic principles of entrepreneurship and business ethics. You'll look at the major steps relevant to starting a new business. These steps include financing, marketing, and managing.

Knowing how to analyze a business plan will help you develop one, while at the same time making it easier for you to understand the reasons businesses have to write one. Start-Up 101 will give you an overview on running a business from start to finish.

*Students have access to all program materials for one year after original enrollment date. Certificates are awarded upon successful program completion.

The most successful businesses are begun and run by leaders how hold common traits, not the least of which is dedication. This course defines what those traits are and how to achieve them. Special emphasis is placed on business roles, risks, ethics and business resources.

The success of an marketable idea will hinge on the management of resources and the plan to bring that idea to market. Learners will explore how to create a successful business plan as well has how to manage the growth of the company. Emphasis is on organizational structure, resource and employee management, leadership styles and business analysis.

Self-motivators, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs who provide a service are an essential part of the economy because they can offer something that the community may be lacking. Start-Ups have a great effect on encouraging economic activity around the world and within every community. Start-Ups and the Economy explores pricing, production, supply and demand, economic measurement and opportunity costs.

Every idea comes with cost. Finance will show you how to define your cost of goods and estimate your operating costs before you begin. Special emphasis is placed on financial analysis and finding sources of funding.

Marketing requires that you know your target audience before you begin attempting to sell your product or service. Marketing your Start-Up will show you how to analyze the market that you are trying to break into or define new market space by walking you through the necessary steps of market research. In addition to market research, this course will define how to set up your marketing plan in order to expand your market share.

*All Courses Included in this program.