IT Project Management

Learn the foundations of systems integration, hardware, software and project management.

IT Project Management consists of more than 200 hours of information technology and project management material that is dedicated to the adult learner. Learners will explore management of IT projects, software testing, IT risk management as well as systems integration. Courses are self-paced but supported with personal instructors.

*Students have access to all program materials for one year after original enrollment date. Certificates are awarded upon successful program completion.

The telecommunications industry allows businesses to communicate, share information, and interact with people all over the globe. This vast industry enables the exchange of information— verbal, written, pictures, music, and videos —in a number of ways. The methods for sharing this information and the speed at which this information can be exchanged continue to increase. Learners will identify and describe the components of the telecommunications industry and be able to explain how telecommunications technology is used in the workplace.

Desktop publishing has revolutionalized the industry! Today, in businesses, classrooms, and homes around the world, people are producing a variety of professional-looking documents brochures, flyers, newsletters, business cards, reports, manuals, etc. DTP is an important business tool. It improves communication in the workplace by providing the ability to quickly and efficiently create documents.

Presentation technology provides many options that allow you to organize and communicate information. The slides you can create using these programs can be very simple or quite complex. Slide backgrounds can be colorful or display a background image. They can contain text, pictures, charts, tables, even sound effects and movies.

When computers within an organization are networked (linked together), both the efficiency and productivity of the workers increase. Consequently, more networks are used by businesses today than ever before. As a result, professionals who know how to set up and maintain networks are in demand.

Your computer runs two different types of software—application software and system software. You are probably most familiar with application software. This type of software includes word processing, drawing, spreadsheets, and other applications. The operating system (OS) is system software that is installed on a computer to control and organize its component parts memory, hardware, and software.

The project manager is the person responsible for managing the project. This person will coordinate all the activities associated with the project, gather information from the customer, meet with the team, and communicate with the stakeholders. The project meetings are set by the project manager. Typically, a project manager will be appointed to lead a project and be fully accountable for delivering the product or service on time.

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