Fast Track Microsoft Skills

Learn Microsoft Office Skills at your own pace with your instructor every step of the way.

The Fast Track Microsoft Office Skills Program includes online courses that prepare you for certification in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher. You can complete each course at your own pace. Most take less than one week to complete. Then, utilize your new skills with to attain certification and boost marketability in administration, business, sales, IT, and other fields.

*Students have access to all program materials for one year after original enrollment date. Certificates are awarded upon successful program completion.

Learners will explore navigation, document creation, themes, backgrounds and layouts in Microsoft Word. Emphasis is placed on hard skills used in corporate environments.

Learners will explore review mode, insert images, manipulate shapes, SmartArt and table design. Emphasis is placed on using Microsoft Word in collaborative work environments.

Learners will merge, document protection, and template creation.

The Publisher application is a desktop-publishing application that will allow you to create publications such as newsletters, business cards, brochures, or programs. Just as in the Microsoft Word application, there are templates available to help structure your publication, and design tools can be used to modify a page or create a page if you choose to start from scratch.

The PowerPoint application is used to design and deliver presentations. By using this application, learners can design, develop, and create presentations to be delivered in many ways.

The Excel application is a software program used to create spreadsheets. Spreadsheets provide ways to store, organize, and analyze information, both numbers and text. Learners will explore the foundational functions of Microsoft Excel.

Learners will explore how to create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Learners will enter data into cells, formatting data, and calculating data. In this course, you will learn about the two main types of spreadsheet data, build working formulas and analyze and sort data.

*All Courses Included in this program.