Business Consultant Certification

Earn your as a trusted business consultant. Learn high-level business concepts including Business Law, Small Business Entrepreneurship, and more

Learners will explore basic principles of business. You'll look at the major steps relevant to starting a new business. These steps include financing, marketing, and managing. Knowing how to analyze a business plan will help you develop one, while at the same time making it easier for you to understand the reasons businesses have to write one.

*Students have access to all program materials for one year after original enrollment date. Certificates are awarded upon successful program completion.

Designed to provide the skills needed to effectively organize, develop, create, and manage your own business, while exposing you to the challenges, problems, and issues faced by entrepreneurs. Throughout this course, you will be given the chance to see what opportunities exist for small business entrepreneurs and become aware of the necessary skills for running a business. You will become familiar with the traits and characteristics that are found in successful entrepreneurs, and you will see how research, planning, operations, and regulations can affect small businesses. You will learn how to develop plans for having effective business management and marketing strategies.

Small Business Entrepreneurship is designed to give you an overview on running a business from start to finish.

This course will introduce students to the fundamental structure of the American economy, the complexities of the global economy, and the principles, practices, and strategies associated with starting, managing, or simply working for a business.

Through a combination of lessons and projects, students will trace a trajectory of their potential role in the American economy as consumers, laborers, and executives. With lessons on everything from marketing to writing formal business correspondence, from the basic structures and legal definitions of business to the operations and importance of financial institutions, students will emerge from this course with a thorough introductory understanding of the business world.

Career Management is designed to improve workforce skills needed in all careers including communication, leadership, team work, decision making, problem solving, goal setting and time management. While these are soft skills, they are vitally needed in today's workplace.

Office Applications 1 explores the use of application skills in Microsoft Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint 2010. Students will use these applications to design, develop, create, edit, and share business documents, publications, and presentations. This course provides key knowledge and skills in the following Microsoft Office applications:

1. Microsoft Word: Students are provided with an introduction to advanced skills in Microsoft Word that range from simply developing an understanding of the various uses of Word to more complex explorations of mail merge, tab stops, reference resources, and additional features available in backstage view.

2. Microsoft Publisher: Students learn to create publications, insert and edit publication items, and view, review, and share those publications.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint: Students will learn how to create presentations, enter and modify content, modify and deliver presentations, and collaborate and share PowerPoint presentations.

Office Applications 2 explores the use of application skills in Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Access 2010. Students will use these applications to design, develop, create, edit, and share business spreadsheet and database documents. This course provides key knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Introduction to advanced skills in Microsoft Excel ranging from basic spreadsheet terminology to exploring data entry, formatting, formulas, functions, charts, graphics, and additional features available in backstage view.

Skills in Microsoft Access, ranging from basic relational database terminology to creating and modifying tables, forms, queries, and reports

Business Law provides the knowledge of some of the vital legal concepts that affect commerce and trade. Students will be introduced to the types of businesses that can be created to engage in commerce as well as the contractual and liability considerations that can impact a business. Consumer and environmental protections will be explained as well as bankruptcy options, should a business go insolvent. No business exists without experiencing some kind of dispute or another, and so we will review the options that exist for dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution to provide a better understanding of how best to deal with such matters.

Technology and Business is a year-long, high school elective that teaches students technical skills, effective communication skills, and productive work habits needed to make a successful transition into the workplace or postsecondary education. In this course, students gain an understanding of emerging technologies, operating systems, and computer networks. In addition, they create a variety of business documents, including complex word-processing documents, spreadsheets with charts and graphs, database files, and electronic presentations.

*All Courses Included in this program.