ACT Preparation Program

The ACT Prep course covers all core subject areas (English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing) for the ACT and includes full practice tests.

The ACT is designed to determine if you will get into the college of your choice and is one of the more demanding tests you will take. Given the right scores, you may even be eligible for a scholarship.

The ACT is made up of four sections and is offered every year in September, October, December, April and June. Most students take the exam in the spring of their junior year so that they can retake the test if necessary in the fall of their senior year. Other students who realize its importance begin taking the exam as early as freshman year.

The Life Long Studies ACT course will prepare you for this demanding course by introducing test-taking strategies, required academic knowledge as well as unlimited practice test and writing prompts.

Students have access to all program materials for 90 days after enrollment begins.


- Understand the purpose of the ACT and how to register.

- Describe the testing process.

- Outline strategies for preparing for the test.

- Make a personal best plan for the days leading up to the exam.


- Identify usage/mechanics and rhetorical skills of the English language.

- Describe how the ACT English Test is set up.

- Review strategies for exam success.

- Employ strategies to improve scores.


- Understand how the ACT Mathematics Test is structured and the types of questions to expect.

- Strategize your approach to solving questions and problems on the ACT Mathematics Test.

- Implement test-taking strategies, and plan for a review session.


- Understand what to expect on the Reading section of the ACT exam.

- Students will apply several reading comprehension strategies, and understand how to approach questions in the reading section of the ACT exam.


- Describe the structure and content of the ACT Science Test.

- Distinguish among the different types of passages on the ACT Science Test.

- Understand tips for success on the ACT Science Test.

While the writing test is optional, all Life Long Studies students will recieve the proper training on how to effectively take the ACT Writing test.


- Identify and learn to use the elements of argument writing.

- Describe how the ACT Writing Test is set up.

- Review strategies for creating a successful written response.

Life Long Studies provides unlimited ACT practice tests. Students are encouraged to test their new exam taking skills often with the Math, Science, English and Reading practice exams.

*All Courses Included in this program.